SKYtek’s expertise in Google Workspace helped transform the way in which the TechBBQ team operates. The entire team is now able to work remotely just as smoothly and efficiently as from the office.

The challenge

TechBBQ was forced to find a solution to the challenges posed by the pandemic. The main issue was establishing a workflow that channeled TechBBQ’s office culture, allowing for organic team cooperation and communication – out of the office. TechBBQ is a dynamic organization and therefore structure was also key: It was crucial to ensure that each team member had access to the information they needed

The solution

Google Workspace was perfect for a case like TechBBQ’s, as it provides a platform that connects the team, allowing them to work together, as if they were still in the office. The entire team was easily able to collaborate on shared documents, communicate via email and schedule and take virtual meetings.

The results

SKYtek enabled TechBBQ to design a brand new way of working, which, not only helped navigate the obstacles presented by the pandemic but is also proving to be a sustainable way of working, even as conditions start to stabilize in Denmark. A true hybrid culture has emerged within the company and this is being achieved with the help and support of SKYtek.

“We have a strong office culture at TechBBQ, which drives our work ethic and processes. The pandemic threatened our ability to stay cohesive as a team but SKYtek fixed it for us and ended up creating a new hybrid way for us to work, which is proving to be extremely efficient. The entire team uses the systems that SKYtek put in place and our office culture is thriving.”

Vera Liscinska, Marketing Manager, TechBBQ

About TechBBQ

The purpose of TechBBQ is to support and strengthen the Nordic startup-ecosystem and make it a catalyst for innovation, venture and technology. The organization builds communities and fosters growth for startups and scaleups based on the Nordic values of overcoming egos, barriers and promoting openness, trust and inclusion.

Industry: Non-Profit
Primary project location: Denmark

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