Mikkeller: Transition from local to global business

SKYtek has helped Mikkeller since 2013 to effectively and structured transform its workflows and processes to a fully online model and guides the company to become more effective and more secure. Services include training, workshops, and support

The challenge

To support its massive growth, Mikkeller sought an easy-to-use online IT platform with no limits of scaling. With 700 employees in many locations, it has grown to become a complex organization with a strong need for real-time coordination and collaboration across departments, borders, and various time zones to keep the organization running effectively. Strong data security was also a requirement.

The solution

Bringing security to Mikkeller around data and increasing collaboration. Before Google Workspace, employees sent sensitive data in spreadsheets, without any privacy security. Now, their data is securely stored in Google Drive and shared between users with appropriate security access, all within secured 2FA. Using Chromebooks, Meet Hardware and Google Voice satisfy their communication needs.

The results

With Google Workspace, it is easier for the organization to work effectively together across departments, borders, and time zones and share common business documents. That, in turn, has created better organizational cohesion and better coordination of activities in real-time, it promotes internal collaboration, ensures cost effectiveness, and secures higher productivity and profitability

Google Workspace has transformed the way we collaborate. Previously, we sent numerous spreadsheets back and forth to our production sites. Now we can work simultaneously on the same documents. During the pandemic, we have experienced the true value of Google Meet to keep the organization up and running. We have an IT platform that supports our transition from a local to a global business.

Mikkel Bjergsø, Founder and Creative Director, Mikkeller ApS


Mikkeller was founded as a Danish microbrewery in 2006. Today it consists of a brewery in San Diego, two brewpubs and 50 restaurants and bars in Europe, Asia and USA, including some Michelin starred restaurants. The company has a staff of 700 employees, working in different locations. A large part of its beer is brewed on contract in Belgium.

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Mikkeller: Transition from local to global business